Indoor Marketing

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Street Diffusion also runs stands within retail shops for tastings/new product displays, or for brands that are new to the distribution channel. These operations put you in direct contact with the consumer at a lower cost.

Outdoor Marketing

To reach prospects effectively, there are 3 things to keep in mind:

- Adapt your communication to the target and emphasise your concept.
- Approach the prospect with a clear and punchy hook.
- Use the right support (costume/uniform, Segway, kakemonos, etc.).

Our promoters are trained in approach and argumentation techniques. They know how to recognise a potential customer and keep their attention. They will be able to promote your brand and adapt their message to your concept. The promoter's behaviour while distributing flyers has a major impact on the quality of the operation and the resulting return rate.

opération street marketing paris

Streetdiffusion also has a network of partners that offer complementary services: graphic design, flyer printing, and web marketing.

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