The streets marketing agency that help brands to shout out aloud

Streetdiffusion is Streets Marketing Agency specializing in offline media and street marketing actions.

Our goal: to surprise, inform and seduce consumers about their place of life by proposing extraordinary operations.

Creative, effective and economical solutions that fit perfectly into your communication strategy

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Streetdiffusion intervenes in street marketing in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy

“The goal is to promote the brand not only through a distribution of flyers, but also through extensive verbal communication.”

Our approach techniques have been proven in the field.
Stephane Keniger, expert in street marketing for 9 years.

The supports in a street marketing operation

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The job of Street Diffusion

Give your brand, product or restaurant visibility through an innovative and effective street marketing non-media operation. Interpellate and impact your future customers with a speech and a presentation in your image for the influence of your brand.

Street marketing Andros - Street Diffusion

Our added values

The quality of verbal communication, essential to mark the consumer’s mind, as well as tailor-made operations inspired by your world to promote the image of your brand.

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Our actions street marketing Paris

– Distribution flyers hand to hand– Mailbox distribution– Windshield distribution– The mascots animations– The spinning sign

Sign spinning McDo - Street Diffusion

Our references in original street marketing

Our promotion team and our brand ambassadors are active in France and Belgium by carrying out street marketing activities such as leafleting, flyering, in-store demonstration, product sampling, private sales or special events, the generation of qualified leads, the release of a film, the launch of a new application or interactive products, etc. We work with insight to target the right market, the right place, the right time, no matter where you set up.