Street Diffusion

One hundred hostesses at your service

Our hostesses are present throughout France. Our tailor-made street marketing operations generate a significant impact for the advertiser who will benefit from immediate brand awareness.

Why do you need it?

The Street Diffusion hostesses are resources with a wide range of skills, with experience in the field of events, their presence is synonymous with efficiency and luxury. Their presence is very important for the welcome and the establishment of a proximity between your brand and your targets. It is also a crucial aid, providing useful information, commercial support, support, promotion of your products and services, serving drinks and food tasting, (all depending on your sector of activity) sure), etc.


The hostess can really be a very precious resource for the perfect success of an outdoor or indoor event. They are essential to communicate a higher level of quality. On an emotional level, we can not deny that the companies using the most hostesses and especially the most beautiful are perceived by consumers / visitors as the most important during an event. In short, the hostess is also a status symbol.

Street Diffusion: More than 80 loyal customers satisfied to his credit

For us, customer service and customer satisfaction are of utmost importance. We love our businesses, our customers, brands and especially new concepts, they are the engines that push us to exceed your promotional objectives.

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hôtesses Street Diffusion - Street Diffusion

The dates that marked our adventure …

2011 : Creation of Street Diffusion

2012 : Street Diffusion innovates by offering Sign Spinning: Jugging billboards

2013 : With the implementation of its diversification strategy, Street Diffusion is attacking other markets. When it was created, Street Diffusion took care of operational communication only, for restaurants, and gradually diversified with sports halls, real estate agencies, etc.

2014 : The Agency has started working for major accounts: MacDonald, GRDF, Demathieu Bard, SNCF, Bouygues Immobilier, Publicis.

2020 : A possible acquisition of a partner specialized in street marketing: l’Agence Piu City.
hôtesses street marketing - Street Diffusion

The details of the various operations carried out

opération street marketing Carrément Fleurs - Street Diffusion

Florist operation

Street Diffusion has set up an operation for the Carrément Fleurs florist. The device is composed of 5 hostesses spread over 2 points of sale: Philippe Auguste quarter and Sully Morland district.

The hostesses are equipped with an apron with an embroidered logo. They distribute leaflets at a high rate of the hand by hand and on the windshields

Opération street marketing Orange Bleue - Street Diffusion

Street Marketing Operation for Orange Bleue Neuilly Plaisance

Distribution of flyers for the Orange Bleue gym at the various exits of the Neuilly Plaisance (RER A) train station, which attracts a lot of people. The station Neuilly Plaisance is a pole where people who live in the towns of Neuilly Plaisance, Neuilly sur Marne, Le Perreux transit.

So distribute at this station can reach a lot of people

opération marketing easywallet - Street Diffusion

Street Marketing Operation for Easy Wallet

Platform that allows Bitcoin holders to pay with Bitcoin in more than one hundred stores. For this operation, 6 people distributed chocolate pieces with the Bitcoin logo on the packaging

The operation was buzz because the hostesses were disguised and because the operation was relayed by the media.

opération street marketing foodora - Street Diffusion

Operation Foodora

Foodora has used Street Diffusion to promote its home delivery service with bicycle couriers. To do this, about fifteen hostesses were mobilized with logotype outfits, they were equipped with flag backpacks and 2 advertising quadricycles crisscrossed the Madeleine district.