All about a successful awareness campaign

Awareness campaigns are numerous and relate to different themes: road safety, videos denouncing the precarious situation of children in countries at war or even information messages on endangered animal species.

These different messages make us aware of these issues. But for the message to get through, it is essential to conduct effective communication, the result of a well-prepared strategy.


An awareness campaign, what is it?

This type of campaign is defined as community action, organized by individuals or professionals / NGOs / institutional actors with the aim of putting pressure on legal persons for example and influencing their actions. We can cite the organization Greenpeace as being very active in this area.

There are two categories of awareness campaign:

  • Those aimed at changing individual behavior and social attitudes;
  • Those whose objective is to change regulations and directly address political decision-makers


What is the point of an awareness campaign?

The notion of awareness is part of an intervention process, which aims to:

  • To encourage reflection on a given subject, and to raise awareness about a social problem or a common need;
  • Promote a new idea or a solution to a situation considered problematic.

Raise awareness through all types of support for a successful campaign

Given that the goal is to make the general public aware of a specific cause, it is essential to define specific objectives to achieve it (fundraising to fight against a disease, to stop violence against women, to be more careful in steering wheel…).

The success of the campaign also depends on identifying a target audience. To reach as many people as possible, the segmentation strategy that consists of dividing the population into subsets is more effective if messages are broadcast that are aimed at each of the age groups.

An awareness campaign calls on everyone’s creativity and the use of all types of media. Although it is still possible to organize a rally in a park, sign in hand, the use of more original and creative media is more appreciated by the public.

The most common strategies are the sale of derivative products such as T-shirts, mugs or bracelets, with the message defending the cause printed on them, the savage display which makes it possible to exploit giant formats, the shocking advertisements to television, etc …

In the 2.0 era, launching an awareness campaign on social media is very popular. Indeed, this action makes it possible to reach more Internet users by keeping them informed in real time.

To differentiate themselves, I invite NGOs and institutional actors to use street marketing. Thanks to Street Diffusion, you will be able to reach different targets, of all ages, with a lasting impact.

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