Street marketing: actions that work after deconfinement

street marketing sans contact - Street Diffusion

Are you looking for an effective way to regain the notoriety of your company after the deconfinement? Contactless street marketing presents itself as an excellent asset to achieve this end.

Why street marketing?

Street marketing / guerrilla operations consist of “investing the street” in order to get as close as possible to consumers. They allow communication to a large number to create a good buzz, without deploying a large budget.

This type of marketing is an alternative to conventional advertising media. Consumers have become less and less receptive to mass communication.

Street marketing allows them to surprise the passer-by when they least expect it and in certain situations get their feedback on your concept.

In addition, a strong interaction will be created between your company and your customers. Indeed, the new generation appreciates the fact that you come to meet them. This initiative gives a more accessible character to the product or service. The emotional bond created allows you to anchor your brand in the minds of your targets / audience and to have an interesting positioning. Concretely, the more they enjoyed the experience, the more they will remember you.

In addition Street marketing represents a low investment compared to the mass media.

Contactless street marketing, an excellent alternative to coronavirus

To target passers-by in the best possible way, a street marketing action must be done in a popular place. However, in this context of health crisis caused by the coronavirus, human exchanges / contacts must be limited to the maximum even after the end of confinement which will be done gradually.

Moving towards “contactless” marketing is therefore an ideal alternative for companies wishing to revive their activities. Besides, the only limit of street marketing is creativity. Originality and attractiveness are the only watchwords for the success of this marketing strategy.

Some examples of contactless marketing

In order to reach the most targets, contactless street marketing comes in several forms. Below some examples:

The spinning sign

Sign spinning involves spinning large signposts to attract attention. These panels are launched in all directions, in order to achieve figures as artistic as each other.

The wild display and the dressing of street furniture

Posting is a surefire way to convey your brand. As the idea is to move away from conventional display concepts, we will rather opt for original supports such as benches, facades, bus shelters, pedestrian crossings, public facades, etc.

For more originality, we opt for fluorescent spray paint or holographic projections to convey the message.

Green street marketing

For some time now, ecology has been at the heart of all the news! As well enjoy. Choose Green street marketing, which is a medium with no impact on the environment. Just install a plant structure on the front of your business, which will take the form of your logo for example. You can also use a flyer printed on mineral paper. In this way, you gain the trust of customers who share ecological values ​​for sustainable communication.

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