How does a letterbox distribution campaign work?

A vector of local communication, BAL distribution remains an effective technique for making oneself known and promoting its products. To generate maximum traffic and ensure return on investment, the project must not skip any of the key steps to be taken. Find out how a successful mailbox distribution campaign unfolds!

Design of the flyer for distribution in mailboxes

The success of a mailbox distribution campaign begins with the design of the flyer. The advertising material must be so compelling that the recipient sees priority information and immediately understands what product / service it is.

Colors, shapes, fonts and paper quality should be tailored to each concept or customer. In addition to the originality of the flyer, the message should follow simple rules. To have maximum impact, it should be clear and concise. The offers on offer are highlighted with certain details that will capture the reader’s attention. So you have to focus on the essential information. This typically includes:

· The address of the business or store;

· Telephone, email, Facebook page and other social networks;

· An access plan for premises that are difficult to find.

When designing flyers, we look for all means to keep it in the hands of the prospect / potential client. A discount or a giveaway with attractive prizes can add value to the print intended for BAL distribution.

Determination of barge and distribution areas in letter boxes

Geomarketing techniques are needed to accurately determine the catchment area and the areas to be covered. The behavior of consumers who live in this area must be taken into account to ensure the effectiveness of BAL distribution. The positioning of competitors also comes into play in studies on geographical position.

This step then consists of determining the distribution plan that will be followed by the agents. The speed of execution of tasks is ensured by the skill and experience of the distributors, coupled with efficient planning.

Establishment of roadmaps for mailbox distribution 

In order to supervise distributors, roadmaps summarize the tasks to be accomplished as well as the rules to be followed. These documents include the distribution area to be covered. They mention the dates and times of distribution. The instructions on the routes and the number of leaflets to be distributed are mentioned in these roadmaps.

The agency reminds distributors of the laws relating to BAL distribution. Thus, agents will be able to carry out their missions in full compliance with the rules. Before slipping the flyers into the mailboxes, they check whether there is a Stop-Pub sticker and whether the words “do not throw in the public highway appear.

If the leaflet is combined with other printed matter, time to prepare leaflet packages is necessary upstream of the distribution campaign. These are several leaflets from different customers distributed at the same time in packages to mailboxes. This makes it possible to optimize the cost of the campaign and to lower the price of the service.

Control of distribution in mailboxes

In order to ensure the smooth running of the BAL distribution and its effectiveness, the control step is essential. This is one of the advantages of using a professional agency like Street Diffusion. Contemporary techniques such as geolocation allow infallible and real-time monitoring of the BAL distribution. GPS tools are then actively used in the process. Thanks to these controls the quality of the service is ensured. An intervention of investigators / field controllers is possible according to the client’s needs.

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