How to communicate before municipal elections

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The next municipal elections will be held in the first quarter in 2020. For several months, electoral campaigns have been open. The means of communication are diverse and varied, this includes the use of media, social networks, but also the classic strategies used in street marketing such as the distribution of flyers and leaflets.

Some pre-electoral communication rules to know

Who says election says sensitive subject because a single misstep and the candidacy of a person can be refused. There are many by-laws to consider before, during and after a municipal election. For example, campaign start dates are well determined and no one can communicate before and after these dates. Commercial advertising is strictly prohibited and this includes paid advertising on the internet as well as any type of web referencing. All interventions by communities are prohibited and this includes the use of their sites. These are some of the laws to follow for a successful campaign.

As for communication stricto sensu, here is what you need to know:

  • meetings are allowed until the day before the election
  • displays are authorized provided they are placed in the spaces provided for this purpose.
  • Distributions of flyers, leaflets and circulars are authorized under certain conditions.

For the three types of format, namely the flyer, the leaflet and the circular: they must not be on white paper with black content. You should therefore use other colors for the content. The blue, white, red color combinations are only acceptable on the emblems of political parties.

Communicate through leaflets

This method of communication is simple, but effective. From a marketing and communication point of view, a leaflet is a small booklet with a few pages detailing the offers and services. As part of a municipal campaign, the leaflets put forward the candidate and his program to convince people to elect him. Distribution is done in several ways: in the streets from hand to hand, but also in letter boxes. This form of distribution is what we use in street marketing. This “direct” market contact with passers-by, for example, arouses more interest than distance and impersonal communications.

Distributing flyers: a method that works well, but be careful…

Flyers are a means of communication widely used in street marketing. As a reminder, a flyer is this small paper support often of A5 or A6 size that is distributed from hand to hand where the message and the slogan play an essential role.

The flyer is an essential tool for communicating during election campaigns. Since it is forbidden to use people working in the community (municipal or other institutions …) for the distribution of communication media, the solution is to use communication agencies specializing in street marketing such than Street Diffusion. The advantage with such a strategy is that an agency already has skills in distribution on public roads and knows the regulations relating to this subject: it is prohibited to distribute “to drivers and occupants of vehicles traveling on a road open to public traffic ”and the prospectus must contain the words:“ do not throw on the public highway ”. 

Finally, the team of an agency has know-how in terms of approach strategies to impact passers-by and whether they want to take flyers.

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