How to organize your participation in a fair?

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In the life of a business, the trade fair is a crucial, almost mandatory step. Whether you are a participant or an organizer, in order for this event to achieve the objectives you set for yourself, you need a minimum of organization at all levels. Street Diffusion shares with you the essential steps for organizing a trade show.

The first preparations on paper are the basis of good organization

Above all, you need a plan of attack: what date, where, what your budget is, and what your goals are. The latter is very important, because your strategy is based on your objectives.

The objectives can be:

  • Generate leads
  • To publicize your product or service or your business
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Or to make sales

Make a checklist of what you need to do from the smallest detail such as ordering goodies to distribute to the largest such as the list of your guests, your presentations or your budget. Be careful, all tasks, even the smallest ones, should be listed, because it is all of this that makes your living room a success.

Once your list is in place, it’s time to run them step by step. The next important step is communicating your event.

Communication before and during the fair

Communication is the common thread of your event. Even if everything is in place, without this part, you will not have visitors and you will never reach your goals. The first part of the communication is done several weeks before the event until D-1. The second part takes place during the fair.

Several channels are available to you to promote the event:

  • Advertising spaces: signs, newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • Emailing: for your prospects, your customers and all your contacts
  • social networks
  • Press releases
  • Event sites
  • Your site and blog

Street marketing: this year’s communication channel

Street marketing is undoubtedly the means of communication that you can use before and during the show.

Thanks to this method, you can distribute flyers, leaflets, invitations, gift baskets, programs and make a mascot animation before and during D-Day. Street marketing is there to increase your visibility. It is a relevant tool because the more visible you are, the more prospects you attract, the more opportunities you will have to convert them into customers. With a well-honed external promotion, half the way will be done. Call on experts such as Street Diffusion to carry out your street marketing campaign.

We can note that Street Diffusion has also implemented Street Marketing campaigns for trade show organizers such as Reed Expo, Comexposium and Preventica.


The organization of D-Day is very important. Of course, there are always last minute concerns, but they are relatively minimal and if you have set up everything you need to do with your chechlist, you will not have a problem. Divide the tasks of each person and above all be on time. Be inventive to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Do not hesitate to use the big means: a well-designed and attractive stand, a mascot animation, an animation with an interactive photo terminal, gifts for visitors, etc.

Conclusion: Our last tips

  • Involve your collaborators
  • Don’t hesitate to call on influencers in your industry
  • Invite journalists
  • Don’t forget to thank your visitors after the fair
  • See the big picture in terms of the layout of your stand
  • Plan a good Street Marketing communication before the show

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