Marketing Management: “Pull vs. Push ”, which strategy to choose for your business?

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Push marketing brings the product to consumers, while pull marketing brings consumers to the product. Each marketing technique and strategy belongs to one of these two categories. Does your business use either? or both ?

Before answering this question, let’s first break down the specificity of these two main marketing strategies, starting with this little anecdote …


“Stéphane recently bought a new car. Before deciding which one suited him best between the different models and existing brands, he went through the reviews on the internet to make a more informed decision. Once he found a few models that fit his needs, he visited a car dealership to review the specifications and do a test before committing and confirming his purchase.

To put it another way, Stephane, a young business executive, was “attracted (Pull)” to car brands by their marketing. Then, he was “pushed” to choose the car of his dream by adhering to the marketing strategy of the point of sale in this case a car dealership. This is how push and pull marketing works separately and together. “


What is “Push” Marketing?


Push marketing is a strategy focused on “promoting” products to a specific audience and / or consumer. The goal is to bring the product, what you offer, to customers. Also known as direct (or outbound) marketing, it is the general form of advertising because Push Marketing excels in raising awareness of lesser-known products. If many consumers do not know your product, or if consumers simply do not actively seek your products for lack of needs, push marketing is your best ally.

Street marketing, advertising on relevant web platforms, sponsored blogs, social media advertising, display marketing and TV advertising are all great channels if you want to get your product out there. However, be aware that this option is not for the small marketing budget. If you really want to change the minds of consumers, then you’d better produce viral content, have an amazing product, allocate a large budget for push marketing or go for street marketing. The latter, mainly embodied in guerrilla marketing, covers a set of operational communication devices that takes place on the street and tries to animate a targeted audience. The public becomes an actor in promotion. 

Companies often use street marketing when launching a new product or when trying to stand out in a niche where the market is saturated. Due to its innovative nature, its effectiveness is proven on all types of consumers to recruit new customers, increase visibility, build a community, create a friendly relationship with the consumer etc. with a limited budget but excellent targeting.


What is Marketing Pull?


“Pull marketing” takes the opposite approach. The goal of pull marketing is to get customers to come to you, hence the term pull, where marketers try to attract customers through promotional actions. From a commercial point of view, the concept of “Pull” brings together all the marketing operations which aim to build brand loyalty and retain customers, while push marketing is more concerned with short-term and one-off sales.


Companies generally use “Pull” marketing when the customer knows what he is looking for or what problem he has to solve, but this must come towards your solution and / or product as opposed to the solution proposed by your competitors.

You can often recognize pull marketing campaigns by the diversity of advertising media used. It requires a significant investment so that the brand and the products have a familiar name with branding and well-established positioning. 


Why do you need both?


Successful marketers rely on the strength of each approach and often use them together. You need to push to reach those who haven’t heard of your service or business. A push approach is also necessary to communicate with your qualified prospects and your existing customers in order to increase sales. Consequently, the advertiser needs an integrated approach and in perfect synergy to obtain the best return on investment. Give your marketing campaigns a boost by making the push and pull work go hand in hand.


When Street Diffusion works with its customers, we always keep in mind to apply the best strategy access. Obviously, the techniques will vary depending on the particular challenges that each brand faces.


Street Diffusion supports you towards the success of your operational marketing, 

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