Marketing operations to be implemented during the holiday season

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Christmas is a particularly sensitive period for shops. This is a crucial time to increase sales which can only be done with good marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing: Use the Internet to Your Advantage During the Holiday Season.

You can’t talk about marketing without thinking about web marketing strategies. The Internet is a free asset most of the time and has become mandatory for a marketing operation. Its advantage lies in the fact that it is accessible to everyone, it is fast and very viral. You have several choices:

1. social networks:

Regardless of your industry, social media are good platforms for marketing operations. With these tools, you can make informative publications, make viral advertisements, organize contests, promote anything you want. You publish and your community does the rest. However, you have to choose the platform. Facebook, for example, is suitable for all communications and is the most user-friendly. There are also Instagram and Pinterest for visual publications. LinkedIn is a B2B-oriented platform. During the holiday season, use social media to attract new customers and retain regular customers. Watch this video where we see 2 Santa Claus distributing caramels in the metro and which was produced by the agency Street Diffusion:

2. paid advertisements and techniques:

Si vous avez un site e-commerce, ce genre de pub en ligne est un booster de vente. Grâce à Google Shopping, votre publicité s’affiche avec tous les détails : image, prix, description…Grâce à Adword vous pouvez améliorer votre référencement et gérer vos mots-clés. Les “Ads” ou bannières existent sur les moteurs de recherche, sur les sites et blogs et aussi sur les réseaux sociaux.

3. la publication sur votre site ou votre blog :

Whether the site is a showcase site or an e-commerce site, it can be used as a marketing lever. A simple communication or update of your offers during the holidays can make the difference. You do not need to deploy large resources: a banner on your site, an advertising background, a pop-up, special offers can do the trick.

These are the most used strategies, but you have others like emailing.

Your store is your first marketing tool

It’s classic you would say, but it is not always obvious. During the Christmas period, stores make on average between 10 and 30% of their turnover for the year. And even if the trend is online shopping with home delivery, many people choose to go directly to the store. It’s always nostalgic and comforting to feel the holiday atmosphere when you see the store decorations and everyone’s excitement. To attract attention, it is imperative to decorate your store according to layout techniques. Opt for original decorations to be different from the others.

Small gifts and Christmas promotions are always a pleasure

These are two strategies that are widely used and that work well. For small gifts, you can opt for sweets on the counter or goodies: small cards, pens and other souvenir gifts that the customer will receive free of charge after a purchase. You can also opt for the “such a gift for such purchase value” strategy.

Regarding promotions, consider doing it especially for your flagship products.

Remember communications outside your store

After social networks, and promotions in your store, you should not forget that outside is also a breeding ground for advertising and therefore to bring customers during the Christmas holidays. The most popular strategy is street marketing. A street marketing operation consists in distributing flyers, distributing small gifts, organizing tastings, making publicity with mascots… Thanks to this kind of campaign, you reach even more people and especially people who may not be present on social media or on your site.

If you do not know how to conduct this kind of marketing campaign, seek the intervention of a street marketing agency such as Street Diffusion.

How to choose the right strategy?

Everything is in the organization and your industry. Don’t just use one strategy. Combine the best and the best ones for your business. To let your customers and future customers know about your offer during the holidays, communicate ahead of the holidays. In this case, social networks and websites are the best communication and sharing platforms.

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