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In street marketing, there are many tools and supports for running a campaign. There are the distribution of flyers / leaflets, but also the sign spinning, the mascot animations and of course the display. The latter can be frowned upon because sometimes some displays take too great liberties. We’ll show you how to do proper signage.

Wild posting and free posting, attention to the difference

Street advertising is often associated with wild display. The wild poster as its name suggests is “border line” because the posters are pasted outside the panels provided for this purpose. It is therefore illegal and subject to a fine. In the past, this type of method was tolerated by the municipality. But due to an environmental approach, it is now prohibited to post anywhere.

In contrast, free posting is tolerated by law because it rests on supports intended for this purpose. These are free specific locations for associations and all non-profit organizations.

Therefore, before making your display operation “wild”, ask the competent authorities about the procedures to follow and especially about the authorized or tolerated places.

The tools for a successful display

First of all, you must first create the content of the posters and therefore the message to get across. You can take inspiration from our tips on how to get attention and what details to put on flyers. Of course with a display, you will have more space, but the concept remains the same.

Here are the tools to successfully place the displays on their locations:

  • the posters: make sure you have enough and even more so that you don’t run out at some point
  • glue and a seal: prepare your bucket of glue upstream and plan enough quantity if your route is far from your premises.
  • the broom: which you will use to stick the posters
  • the rags: which you will need to wipe off
  • the excess glues gloves: to protect you from glue
  • trash bags: because you will need them no matter what
  • a bucket: to put the broom full of glue a car if you have miles to go

When and when to stick your posters?

Timing is very important.

When to stick the posters? Ideally, this should be done during the dry seasons. Your posters will last as long as it takes. During the rainy seasons or in winter, choose sheltered locations so that the posters do not get damaged one hour after being posted.

À quel moment ? Préférez les heures matinales pour éviter les tumultes des heures de pointe ou encore en après-midi lorsque la majorité est au travail et à l’école.

Petite astuce : pour que vos affiches tiennent le plus longtemps possible, mettez-les en haut, là où personne ne pourra les déchirer.

Attention, tout n’est pas permis dans ce genre d’opération de street marketing

All street marketing operations are governed by law. You are completely forbidden to do as you see fit.

The first thing is to identify the place where the posters will be pasted. You can use the authorized locations and ban facades, vehicles, public roads, trees, urban furniture, monuments, historic buildings, national parks, nature reserves. This list is not exhaustive, you can ask your town hall.

The risks involved are as follows, depending on the severity of the situation:

  • removal of advertising
  • administrative fine of € 1,500 to the person who stuck the poster or to the company which gave the order to post the poster
  • 2 years imprisonment and € 30,000 fine
  • 7 years imprisonment and € 100,000 fine for an aggravating circumstance

In summary…

Learn about the legislation. Make sure you have all the materials you need to put up the posters. And finally, choose the right time to be quick and efficient in your operation.

You can budget for the possibility of paying a fine. Note that even if the advertiser pays a fine it will in most cases be cheaper than a classic 4 by 3 campaign.

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