4 Reasons to Promote Your Brand with Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

Guérilla marketing - Street Diffusion

Guerrilla marketing is based on a low-cost advertising strategy in which companies use unconventional tactics to promote their products or services on a small budget to maximize return on investment (ROI).

It involves great creativity, imagination and energy focused on the public’s attention in a more personal and memorable way.

This method of promotion is still one of the most relevant methods in marketing. So why should business owners incorporate it into their marketing strategy?

Here are some reasons you should know:

Différence du guérilla marketing - Street Diffusion1. Different and more impacting than traditional marketing

Guerrilla marketing is about making your ads stand out from others, and stand out from your competition. Nowadays, consumers want to see new things, and the market is constantly changing. If your strategy differs from that of your competitors, your products will be more likely to attract more attention.

Unlike traditional and / or traditional advertising where the approach is simpler, guerrilla marketing involves persuading your consumers to buy or engage.

Guerrilla marketing needs to be creative, whereas traditional marketing / media communication requires big budgets. Low-budget companies like this strategy because it aims to reduce the gap with customers, while traditional methods rely exclusively on ROI.

2. Be easily noticed

With guerrilla marketing, it is more likely that you change the way people perceive your product (consumer insight). When you promote through this method of marketing, people will be interested in your business, even by simple observation. When you surprise consumers, they are more receptive to the message and the product.

Types de guérilla marketing - Street DiffusionThere are four types of guerrilla marketing:

Outdoor Guerrilla Marketing :  This is the most common type of guerrilla advertisement you can see in the streets. It’s commonly called Street Marketing. 

Indoor Guerrilla Marketing : As the name implies, this type of advertising is done inside a building, but remains accessible to the public. For example, school campuses, shopping malls, metro and parks for which you may need permission to run the ad and guarantee security protocols.

Ambush Guerrilla Marketing : This is an excellent technique to use when you want to promote an album, a new single or a book, etc. The goal is to make yourself visible at an event and create a buzz around the operation that would definitely excite fans and turn prospects into leads to optimize the conversion rate.

Concrete example: the brand Michel and Augustin who offers his yogurt to drink to Bill Gates during one of his conferences 

Experiential Guerrilla marketing :  It is a combination of the three types of guerrilla marketing that consists in bringing an experience to the target audience and making the latter actor of his own experience. Its success largely depends on the people and equipment set up as an interactive terminal as it requires the participation of the targeted public.

3. Unconventional, creative and inexpensive

Guerrilla marketing can make consumers laugh and touch them. It’s a persuasive strategy that relies on the emotional appeal of creative ads. Apart from that, it is cheaper than traditional marketing because, as mentioned above, you mostly need creativity and not extra money. (We have no oil but we have ideas) And that thanks to the conceptualization and planning of your new marketing strategy.

augmentation chiffre d'affaires - Street Diffusion4. Create a striking and lasting impression

Marketing guerrilla warfare is often referred to as “word of mouth” advertising that cements the perception of your brand in people’s minds and creates strong positioning. In addition, the testimonials of your peers and others affected by your ad easily persuade people. Thanks to this marketing strategy, you can also attract more public attention than through TV advertising, especially if your ad goes viral on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Your ultimate goal is to attract your audience. Make sure to refine the quality of your advertising message. Engaging people with this marketing strategy is key. If they like and take a photo with your ad, for example, it will probably be posted on the Internet. Social networking sites are also far reaching and, because of people’s curiosity, they will eventually visit your professional website.

If you’re about to use this marketing strategy for your business, remember the main goal: to encourage people to stop when they see your ads. Be as creative as possible to not be ignored in your promotional endeavors. If you need to be accompanied by experts, do not hesitate to call Streetdiffusion for all your Street marketing operations.

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