Cdiscount Mobile has used Street Diffusion for its street marketing campaign

Partenariat Cdiscount mobile et Street Diffusion

Making advertising communication becomes a necessity to sell. Consumers are on the lookout for the smallest advertisements to be aware of the latest trends, sales, the lowest prices and all other consumer benefits. And that, brands know it. They use different types of communication depending on the targets to be reached. Street marketing is one of the most popular methods at the moment.

Street Diffusion, a street marketing agency, took care of the street marketing campaigns of several banners in various sectors of activity. This time, she was asked by Cdiscount Mobile. The latter is the mobile service operator of the large-scale retail and online trading company Cdiscount.

Street Diffusion’s actions for mobile Cdiscount

Street marketing Cdiscount mobile - street diffusionDistribution flyers Cdiscount mobile - street diffusionCdiscount Mobile offers are not yet known by consumers. That’s why she wanted to do a street marketing campaign. The goal was to target people from a popular background, to highlight the special offer of € 2 a month, to encourage passers-by to go to their website and to offer to have their picture taken with the spinner Cdiscount Mobile.


Faced with these demands, Street Diffusion has put in place the strategies that are most appropriate to achieve these goals.


Some figures collected during the campaign

-75 hours: number of hours performed for distribution

-20,000 (approximately): number of flyers distributed

-260: number of flyers distributed per hour

-300 (approx): number of people strongly interested in the Cdiscount Mobile offer

-30: number of people having a photo spinner


Sign spinning cdiscount mobile - street diffusionThe spinning sign

Sign spinning is a discipline practiced in street marketing. It consists of juggling an advertising sign. The person running the tour is called sign spinner. Very used in America, the sign spinning gradually discover the streets in France. There is even a sign spinning world championship.


Conclusion on the Cdiscount Mobile campaign

The Cdiscount Mobile offer was buzzing with customers. In addition, the locations chosen by Street Diffusion were conducive to the targets and distribution schedules corresponded to busy schedules. Communication has even spread in the neighboring borough.


Some pictures of the actions carried out by Street Diffusion

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