Street marketing operation for Global Sources

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All means are good to attract new customers. Street marketing targets a local target and sometimes even well defined. Specializing in street marketing, Steet Diffusion took over the campaign for Global Sources. A few words about Street Diffusion Street Diffusion is an expert company in street marketing. Field operations allow the collection of data such […]

Street marketing and legislation

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Street marketing: actions prohibited by law Behind a street marketing campaign lies a multitude of decrees to respect. Before distributing flyers, berthing passersby, offering free tastings and offering gifts, you must know what are prohibited and how to respect the law. A street marketing operation is considered “street hawking”. As a result, some rules must […]

Street marketing actions on bus shelters : our Top 10

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You’ve probably seen at least one original advertisement that uses a bus shelter as support. All means are good to attract the attention of consumers. Shelters are one of the favorite places for street marketing agencies and communication agencies. Why? -It is a strategic place because very and always frequented -People spend a few minutes […]

Meeting with Elena Mironenko, the Russian counterpart of Street Diffusion

Stéphane Keniger et Elena Mironenko - Street Diffusion

Street marketing, used for decades, is present in many countries. The different forms of street advertising are similar from one country to another. These are mainly distributions and animations in a public place using mobile advertising media. Each country has its culture and it is the expectations of passers-by who differ. The important thing is […]

Interview of the president

Stéphane Keniger - Street Diffusion

Tell me about your career? I graduated from the ISG in 2009 with a master’s degree in marketing, I quickly turned to the commercial function and entrepreneurship. I chose Street Marketing as a domain, because I believe it is necessary for a company to initially specialize to have a clear image and positioning with the […]

How to boost sales during the new school year?

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September is the busiest time for the whole family. Children come back to school and that also means shopping for parents. But for brands, back to school is a high season: school supplies, clothing, power supplies, electronic supplies, personal hygiene supplies, and more. Brands are engaged in a little war with sales, advertising in the […]

Good practices for a successful street marketing campaign

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Even if at first glance, doing street marketing seems to be easy, to succeed in a campaign, a lot of details come into play. What is more important is the result: increased customer base, increased sales, increased leads and prospects. If the objectives are achieved, it is because the street marketing campaign has worked. That […]

Cdiscount Mobile has used Street Diffusion for its street marketing campaign

Partenariat Cdiscount mobile et Street Diffusion

Making advertising communication becomes a necessity to sell. Consumers are on the lookout for the smallest advertisements to be aware of the latest trends, sales, the lowest prices and all other consumer benefits. And that, brands know it. They use different types of communication depending on the targets to be reached. Street marketing is one […]