Good practices for a successful street marketing campaign

bonne pratique street marketing - street diffusion

Even if at first glance, doing street marketing seems to be easy, to succeed in a campaign, a lot of details come into play. What is more important is the result: increased customer base, increased sales, increased leads and prospects. If the objectives are achieved, it is because the street marketing campaign has worked. That is, the message is passed, the methods used were the right ones.

Before implementing these methods, you must know the mechanism of this specialty, starting with the law that governs advertising in public places. Find out from the competent authorities of the city, the municipality, the district where the campaign will be conducted. Legislation may be different from one commune to another. If you want to succeed in your street marketing campaign, here are some good practices to follow:

Create good graphic visuals with the right colors

A little imagination and a lot of creation, that’s what it takes above all. The first thing that appeals to passers-by is the visual of your graphic creation. Take time during the creation: what color to use as background, what color for the graphics, what color also for the texts. Not to mention the typographic which is a significant element. In order not to get lost, first use the colors of the brand you are boasting. Then add other complementary colors if needed. As in any graphic design that respects itself, two or three colors are enough.

Use the right media for your street marketing

Choix supports street marketing - street diffusion Once the creations are done, it’s time to choose the media. It all depends on the means you have. You can choose from:

  • flyers: choose the type of paper and the format. It must contain the essential information to communicate to passers-by.
  • leaflets: choose the type of paper and the type of folding for easy reading.
  • A4 or A3 paper posters: choose a good paper such as 90g vellum paper or a higher grammage.
  • roll up, kakemono, banner: very used in advertising, for these three supports, use the right format and the right material: matte tarpaulin, gloss, PVC, fabrics …
  • flagship: small flags to hang and distribute, you decide between paper and fabric or other materials.
  • balloon: here we are talking about personalized balloons in the colors of the countryside and with the message.
  • sign spinning: choose texts and colors as usual.
  • car: the support on cars is a little more expensive and long lasting.
  • others: you can also use other media such as segways, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.


Choisir lieu street marketing - street diffusionChoose the right place

The place where you will do your street marketing campaign is very important. Why ? Because the goal of street marketing is to reach as many people as possible. If you are in a quiet area, not very busy, you will have distributed very few flyers and very few people will see your posters. So, get settled in various very popular places like subway exits, shopping districts. The more crowded the place, the better.


Chois moment street marketing - street diffusionChoose the right moment

In the same spirit as the place, the hours chosen are of great importance. Sure you’re not going to do your street marketing at 4 am right? Target rush hours according to the day. Example for business days, prefer lunch and check out times. For campaigns leading up to major holidays such as Christmas and New Year, opt for weekends.


Involve passersby in your marketing campaign

This is the big advantage of street marketing compared to other modes of communication. Many techniques exist to engage passersby: games to win items, coupons, etc. or free tasting, or taking a picture with the mascot, and so on. Organize your timing well on the tests and other participations of the passers-by so that there is not too much queue for the waiting, because many could leave if they consider that it is too slow.

For all these good practices, do not forget to study the legislation. It can vary on the same territory, take the case of France: in Paris street marketing is very tolerated while in Nantes or Bordeaux, there are prefectural orders that more strictly regulate street marketing actions. So, even if you’ve spotted a busy place, make sure it’s not a forbidden place for this type of communication. Now that you have all the assets in hand, it’s time to take action!

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