How to boost sales during the new school year?

booster vente rentrée scolaire - Street Diffusion

September is the busiest time for the whole family. Children come back to school and that also means shopping for parents. But for brands, back to school is a high season: school supplies, clothing, power supplies, electronic supplies, personal hygiene supplies, and more. Brands are engaged in a little war with sales, advertising in the media, non-media communications … Everything is allowed to attract the maximum number of consumers. We will deliver the methods to boost sales during the new school year.

Boost sales with quality

qualité produit de vente - street diffusionIt’s undeniable, consumers are more and more demanding about the quality of products and services. For well-known brands, maintaining quality is paramount. But for new brands, it’s a different story. It is important to know how to highlight the product and to prove to consumers the quality of your product. Once this quality is approved, the sale will automatically increase.

How to prove the quality of your product?

  • align with the quality of major brands and mention it in your ads
  • sell standardized products that speak to consumers (NF standards, bio, recycled, ISO …)
  • Conduct satisfaction surveys with a consumer panel and reveal the results
  • offering free samples


The call prices, it challenges

Vente petits prix - Street DiffusionWhether in supermarkets, shops or online stores, the majority of French people compare prices before buying. If you want to sell a lot during the start of the school year, consider breaking the prices within reasonable limits.

How to communicate that your prices are the best?

  • Make posts on social networks
  • register your products in online price comparators
  • put the price before and after on the same label
  • announce your intention a few days or even weeks before using street marketing methods



From online advertising to street marketing

Having a quality product at a low price is not enough to sell. Communication and marketing campaigns must be made so that consumers know that your product exists. Advertising to boost sales is not hard to do. Just use the right strategies.

online advertising

Very popular in recent years, this type of advertising is suitable for launching new products, customer loyalty, communication of an event … The most used is probably the social networks. Fast, effective and easy to set up, social media ads are suitable for big brands and emerging brands. You can also use retargeting, which is not the case for media ads.

Non-media advertising

Distribution de flyers - Street DiffusionThis is one of the oldest forms of advertising. Its advantage lies in the fact that advertising is in direct contact with the consumer.Street marketing is the best example to illustrate the non-media.

During the school trip, distribute flyers to parents and children. Make mascot animations, offer tastings and free samples. Pass visual messages readable by passers-by about your product or service. You will see that when the time comes, your sale will take off.

What strategy do you use to boost your sales during the new school year?

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