Interview of the president

Stéphane Keniger - Street Diffusion

Tell me about your career?

I graduated from the ISG in 2009 with a master’s degree in marketing, I quickly turned to the commercial function and entrepreneurship. I chose Street Marketing as a domain, because I believe it is necessary for a company to initially specialize to have a clear image and positioning with the clientele..

Can you tell me in a few words what street marketing is?

These are all street communication techniques that are intended to surprise the passerby and send him a message. This usually involves distributing leaflets using hostesses, but it can also be more advanced when ephemeral interactive kiosks are put in place, as well as street furniture (pedestrian crossings, bus shelters). advertising vehicles or other nomadic advertising media.

When did you start Street Diffusion?

I founded Street Diffusion in 2011 after closely studying the catering market, because this universe has always interested me. The idea was to find a solution that could create traffic to their point of sale. Gradually, we put in place an original operational communication through creative street marketing operations that could impact the passers-by. The restaurants have been my first customer pool. I then diversified into the fitness and new real estate market. Starting in 2014, com agencies began outsourcing me the street marketing part and filling my order book.

What solutions do you offer?

The implementation of distribution of flyers and flyers hand-to-hand with teams of foot-in hostesses wearing logo / branded clothing, roller-skating hostesses capable of performing choreographies, billboard jugglers / Sign Spinning, advertising quadricycles / promobike, advertising backpacks, clean tag or ephemeral ground marking with chalk bomb and wild posting. The format of the poster can help to make the Buzz when using for example large formats such as A1 or A0.

What are the advantages of a street marketing operation?

First of all, the return on investment is interesting when the operation is well thought upstream. The operation adds a creative and original touch to the brand when using for example a mascot for street marketing. It makes it possible to target all audiences and it is possible to some extent to micro-targeting in certain neighborhoods. For example, there is a preponderance of office customers in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris.

Any advice to those who wish to embark on the same activity as you?

To succeed as a street marketing agency, I think we must get our hands on a clientele of small businesses, because it is often the one that is the most demanding. You need to have a culture of the sector in which you are involved and forge a solid network. Build on a strong presence on the web thanks to SEO and apply all the classic prospecting techniques.

I published an article on the origins and developments of street marketing on the Journal Du Net.

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