Meeting with Elena Mironenko, the Russian counterpart of Street Diffusion

Stéphane Keniger et Elena Mironenko - Street Diffusion

Street marketing, used for decades, is present in many countries. The different forms of street advertising are similar from one country to another. These are mainly distributions and animations in a public place using mobile advertising media. Each country has its culture and it is the expectations of passers-by who differ. The important thing is to remain open-minded: to know what is going on elsewhere not only to compare but especially to find other ideas and to evolve in one’s methods.

Stéphane Keniger met Elena Mironenko, head of the BTL STANDARD communication agency specializing in Russian-based street marketing in Chelyabinsk.

Miss Mironenko traveled from Russia to meet Stéphane Keniger, and to understand the success factors of Street Diffusion for 8 years on the market of Street Marketing in France.

As part of this meeting, she attended a street marketing operation set up by Street Diffusion to promote the Real Estate Developer Pitcher. She observed the hostesses handing out passers-by, the manager at the level of management techniques and the Sign Spinner who juggled with the Advertising Board.

This meeting was a rewarding experience because each party was able to share their feelings about Street Advertising. For example, we traded on different providers of mobile advertising media such as X banner bags and backpack flags.

We also exchanged on the typology of customers who used our services and customer acquisition techniques such as SEO and AdWord.

We can note that there is little difference in the type of Street Marketing action between France and Russia. The expectations, that is the level of demand of Russian advertisers is quite high. The hostess will provide operational communication and distribution will have to meet many criteria. 

The difference lies mainly in the maturity of the market: the Russian market is expanding and supply is far from saturated.

Our exchanges were enriching and this is only the first step of a lasting collaboration. 

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