Street Art: Paris 13th becomes an open-air museum …

street art Add Fuel paris 13 - Street Diffusion

Over the last four years, 26 urban artists have painted murals on buildings on boulevard Vincent Auriol in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. A true open-air museum enriched with the new work of the artist Add Fuel … 

Envolvente, le street art de Add Fuel - Street Diffusion
Crédit photo Add Fuel

A new giant fresco of street art

After having made several artistic creations as part of Djerbahood, Portuguese artist ADD FUEL has once again participated in a project called “Street Art 13” initiated by the Itinerrance Gallery. With his brushes and colored bombs in his hand, the artist, whose real name is Diogo Machado, made his work on the wall of a building in the 13th arrondissement, creating a monumental 22-meter fresco. height. Boulevard Vincent Auriol (75013) has been transformed into an open-air museum on the Place d’Italie-Quai section of the station.

Here are the azulejos (note: set of earthenware tiles decorated and decorated with geometric patterns of his native Portugal) revisited by Add Fuel.


ENVOLVENTE: A Portuguese inspired work with Parisian sauce!

Envolvente, le street art de Add Fuel - Street Diffusion
Crédit photo Add Fuel

With its title in Portuguese “ENVOLVENTE”, the artist wants to reflect an image of an enveloping material, which blends perfectly with the surface and the support. A real challenge for Add Fuel from a technical point of view because the wall of the building has a very special appearance: a relief marked on several dimensions. But the artist has achieved his challenge because his work is in perfect symbiosis with the facade of the building; Regardless of the point of view adopted by the viewer, fans of street art can contemplate his work of a singular architecture. According to Portuguese Diogo Machado: “There are two entrances. If we look at my work from a distance, we discover other unexpected elements. You can see inside azulejos winks to Pop art, comics … “. In his style, “ENVOLVENTE” is a tribute to the two million people of the Portuguese community present in Paris (one of the largest in the world). It is a work that highlights its traditional cultural heritage under the aesthetics of contemporary art.


The largest museum of Street Art has reached its apotheosis …

The Itinerrance Gallery had mentioned in a statement that “This long-term experience, free and open to all was born of the joint desire of Mehdi Ben Sheikh Gallery Itinerrance and Jerome Coumet, Mayor of the 13th, to make the 13th arrondissement of Paris the largest open-air Street Art museum “.

The Street Art course of the 13th arrondissement was officially inaugurated on June 13th. The success was at the rendezvous. The inhabitants of the district, the artists, the town hall and the children of the conservatory benefited from the “street art, food trucks and urban music.” Concerts, dance performances and a meal were organized under the aerial train of the line 6 on the occasion of this inauguration.

To conclude we can add that Street Marketing agencies such as Street Diffusion integrate street art and street artists during certain services.

quelques photos des streets arts paris 13 - Street Diffusion


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