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Street marketing: actions prohibited by law

Behind a street marketing campaign lies a multitude of decrees to respect. Before distributing flyers, berthing passersby, offering free tastings and offering gifts, you must know what are prohibited and how to respect the law.

interdiction street marketing - Street Diffusion A street marketing operation is considered “street hawking”. As a result, some rules must be respected.

  • never throw out or distribute flyers, posters, leaflets or objects from a vehicle. Even if the vehicle is parked.
  • it is forbidden to deposit or throw flyers and other printed matter on the public road or part of the public road, but also on the benches of walks and the buildings of public utility like the schools, the hospitals, the courts …
  • do not distribute printed matter during election days.

Regulated areas in Paris

In Paris, the distribution of leaflets is regulated by prefectural decrees. In the areas mentioned below, it is totally forbidden to do street marketing in any form and to challenge passers-by:

  1. place de l’Étoile
  2. grands boulevards qui s’étendent de la place de La Madeleine à la place de la République
  3. avenue des Champs Elysées
  4. boulevard Saint Michel qui va de la place Saint Michel au boulevard du Montparnasse
  5. rue de Rennes, de la place du Québec au boulevard du Montparnasse
  6. rue de la Légion d’Honneur
  7. place Henri de Montherlant

Also prohibited in Paris, distributions in pedestrian areas, public gardens, public markets and their surroundings, in subways and railway stations.


obligation street marketing - Street DiffusionStreet marketing: the obligations incumbent on agencies

The street marketing agencies must respect certain obligations. First, make a declaration to the competent authority. Some information will be requested such as places, distribution times, your business data as an agency, and so on. Do not forget to put the name and address of the printer on all printed matter. During the campaign, be sure to pick up all flyers, leaflets and flyers thrown by passersby, 30 meters around your place. If on the other hand, you must pick up, always 30 meters around, all along your route if you make mobile distribution. Again, refer to the prefecture of the city where you want to do your campaign.


List of some laws that can help you

loi du street marketing - Street Diffusion Here is a non-exhaustive list of the law in force:

  • Article R. 412-52 of the Highway Code: prohibiting the distribution of flyers, leaflets or objects to the occupants of a vehicle traveling on a public road.
  • Article L. 49 of the Electoral Code: prohibiting the distribution of any type of document on polling days.
  • decree of the mayor of Paris n ° 79-561 of November 20th, 1979: forbidden to deposit or to throw, on all or part of the public road, as well as in the buildings of public utility, or on the benches of promenade, all papers, printed matter, newspapers, flyers, etc.

The legislation varies according to the municipalities. In Lyon for example, the distribution of advertising objects is prohibited from 11am to 19pm on a score of places such as Rue de la République, Rue Saint Jean, Place des Terreaux, Quai Victor Augagneur, Rue Victor Hugo … mobile advertising must do at most 16m2.

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