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All means are good to attract new customers. Street marketing targets a local target and sometimes even well defined.

Specializing in street marketing, Steet Diffusion took over the campaign for Global Sources.

Logo Street Diffusion - Street DiffusionA few words about Street Diffusion

Street Diffusion is an expert company in street marketing. Field operations allow the collection of data such as business cards and therefore the qualification of prospects. Street marketing also serves to promote a brand, product, service and customer loyalty. If at first the target was mostly for small businesses, nowadays it has become the signature of major retailers for their non-media advertising. Be that as it may, a street marketing campaign is open to all types of businesses. Street Diffusion provides its know-how in street marketing operation.

Logo Global Sources - Street DiffusionWho is Global Sources?

Many are already familiar with Global Sources, at least those working in commerce and e-commerce.

Global Sources, founded in 1970, is a Chinese company specialized in “sourcing” ie the collection of prices and the benchmarking of various and varied products. These products come from exporters, manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and others. The products are sold at wholesale prices on their site. Global Services offers several services:

  • Wholesale of various products: textiles, high-tech, etc.
  • Collection of products with verification of qualities before the sale on the site.
  • Linking manufacturers, resellers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, all players in the trade.

For its participation in Texworld (Textile), Global Sources asked for the experience of Street Diffusion to lead a street marketing campaign.

The course of the Global Sources street marketing campaign

The purpose of the operation was to collect business cards from the trade visitors of Texworld. The show takes place every year at the Parc des Expositions du Bourget. The show brings together all textile stakeholders from around the world: manufacturers, resellers, designers, wholesalers, importers, exporters, and so on. Global Sources at the crossroads of all these actors ensured a presence thanks to the hostesses to connect all these entities. The second objective was to promote Global Sources to visitors of the show.

campagne street marketing global sources - Street Diffusion
Distribution des sacs cadeaux devant le salon Texworld

The street marketing hostess of Street Diffusion were posted in front of the show to distribute the gift bags and goodies of Global Services. Other hostesses were outside the Le Bourget station exit.

In all, the team worked 15 hours, during which time it was able to distribute 400 gift bags and collect 65 business cards.

opération street marketing global sources - Street marketing
Distribution des sacs cadeaux devant la station Le Bourget

The biggest challenge was to collect business cards from professionals who came to the show. Bet WINS because with 65 cards, Street Diffusion has exceeded its goal.

During this campaign, although we took up the challenge, we found that we could have done even better if the entire team spoke English, as 90% of visitors spoke only that language.

In conclusion, Street Diffusion completed the Global Services street marketing campaign during Texworld in Paris. Other hostesses from Street Diffusion partner agencies have been present in Germany and Italy.

Partner on Italy:

Partner on the Benelux:

Partner on Germany:


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