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Carrying out a street marketing campaign requires a lot of reflex upstream. The right strategy must be adopted according to the operation to be carried out. For example, street marketing for a family restaurant is not the same as for a gym. The people to be targeted are not the same. The selection of communication tools is crucial. In this article, you will be able to measure the importance of the flyer which is omnipresent in street marketing.

distribution flyers - Street DiffusionWhat is a flyer for a street marketing operation?

The flyer is the most used means of communication in street marketing. The flyer is easily distributed to passersby. It is easy for everyone to put them in the pocket or in the bag. A flyer serves as a support to get the message to prospects:

  • Opening a new location, launching a new product / service
  • Promotion offer / discount coupon
  • Institutional information
  • Advertising of all kinds

Which format to choose

Everything is in style and taste. A flyer that is too big will not be suitable for pockets or bags. Too small, flyers can not contain the message that must be passed. The ideal is the A5 or A6 format. But A4 or A5 folded is also used in the real estate development world. For large papers such as A4, we recommend folding.

Ci-dessous les différents types de pli qui existent :

  • Simple fold, formed of a single central fold with 2 parts, that is 2 or 4 pages
  • Folding accordion, formed by two or three folds to have 3 or 4 parts, or 6 or 8 pages
  • Folded roll, formed by two or three rolls to have 3 or 4 shutters, or 6 to 8 pages

There are also other forms of folding such as folding or parallel folding or folding window.

We can also quote different forms of flyers such as square, rectangular (A4, A5, A6), round, oval …

pliage flyers - Street DiffusionWhat to put in a flyer to capture the attention?

The flyer serves as a medium to convey the message of a street marketing campaign. It is therefore necessary to choose the information to put.

For the launch of a new product or the opening of a new business, put the word “NEW” prominently. This is the first detail that people must notice first.

For a promotional offer, put “PROMOTION”, “SALE” or “DISCOUNT” in the foreground and in large size. Use a conspicuous color.

And here are the other details you should not forget:

  • Your logo with your colors and your slogan
  • Your physical address, email address, phone number
  • Location, date and time if it is an event
  • Price and price
  • Duration of the promotion
  • Website, Facebook page, Twitter page and other social networks
  • QR Code (éventuellement)

Legal and mandatory information:

  • Corporate name, number R.C.S, social form of your company
  • Name and address of the printer
  • “Do not throw on the public road” and other mentions on the respect of the code of the environment

I hope that with our advice, you will maximize the quality of your flyer.

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