Why, when and how to embark on a street marketing operation

Succès stratégie street marketing - Street Diffusion

Street marketing is one of the oldest modes of communication with the paper boy distributing newspapers and advertising. Before newspapers, radio, television and all modern media, merchants went out on the streets to promote their products and meet their audiences. Today, street marketing is considered unconventional (see Conrad Levinson “Guerilla Marketing”) and innovative. Smart campaigns can enhance brand awareness in a fun and interactive way with a personalized approach. Street Marketing has become an interesting and essential lever.

pourquoi utiliser le street marketing - Street DiffusionWhy choose street marketing?

Street marketing campaigns are easy to remember. It’s an opportunity to make a lasting impression via one-to-one. Teams from an agency such as Street Diffusion can target not only specific profiles, but also maximize the opportunities offered by social networks and through a virtuous circle create a buzz around your brand, your products and your services.

Often referred to as guerilla marketing, successful campaigns are based on intelligent planning. It is an extremely profitable marketing approach for SMEs and large corporations in that it quickly and efficiently generates a list of prospects with a high conversion rate.

Quand faire du street marketing - Street DiffusionWhen should you consider a street marketing campaign?

Campaigns work best when you have something specific to promote. You must have a very clear objective and vision of the objectives to be achieved. Here are some examples of situations that are good for Street Marketing:

  • Creating a Start Up
  • The launch of a product
  • Samples of products to be distributed
  • Private Sales or Special Events
  • The release of a movie
  • To test the market / observe the reaction of the public
  • For the broadcast of a contest
  • Launching a new application or interactive products

How to create a street marketing campaign that hits the mark?


The teams that distribute the flyers know how to attract the target audience of the brand and they are able to hold their attention. Body language, NLP, word choice, respect of the brief and goals are all ingredients on which the success of a campaign depends.

Réussir une campagne de street marketing - Street DiffusionChoice of fun, attractive and smart campaigns

Some people do not like being bothered as they walk quietly down the street.

On the other hand, people appreciate entertainment and want to be informed. They will not hesitate to engage with a brand that listens to them and respects their values. They want to CHOOSE and participate, which is why an agency like Street Diffusion makes sure to set up a unique show with a good team of “street marketers” and beautiful and innovative ideas to attract them.

Targeted audience targeting and campaign goals

Street Diffusion ensures that its animators are very familiar with the target audience. They must understand the objectives of the campaign to make your investment profitable.

Want to give visibility to your brand, your product or your restaurant, etc; or simply find out more about street marketing campaigns and / or our expert teams? Streetdiffusion accompanies you and offers you personalized solutions. We are an agency specializing in non-media and turnkey street marketing actions, with solutions that fit perfectly into your communication strategy.

We love brands and especially new concepts and we help you to exceed your promotional goals. Contact us!

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